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Unruly People.
Unruly Bodies. 
Unruly Attitude. 


Ready for a Social Fitness Studio?

What it means to be Unruly

Exercise should be challenging but must be fun.


Unruly understands that you are an individual and have unique needs and motivations.

Unruly knows all too well that each of us needs a happy place to go to and a way to let off steam.

Unruly wants to build a community that moves together, can lift each other - and a community that laughs together will lift the world.

We choose to keep Unruly Company because Unruly People who have Unruly Bodies with Unruly Spirits who do Unruly Things thrive with Unruly Coaches in an Unruly Studio.


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Group Session

Team based group ex workouts designed and run by expert coaches who will ensure your workout is challenging yet achievable. 

BoxFit, TRX Fusion, HIIT, Strength & Conditioning, Core & Mobility - There's something for everyone. 


Unruly Specialised

Unruly Coaches are specialised professionals and offer their experience to run specialised classes. 

Classes like Counterpunch Parkinson's, MS-Fit, ProstFIT, & Old Enough to Know Better. 


Unruly offers 1-on-1 Private Training where you will have your own personalised session based on your goals, needs, and considerations under the watchful eye of our experienced and specialised coaches.


Weekly or 10-Class Passes.

No sign-up fees and no long term contracts. 

Unruly Memberships

Access all of Unruly’s regular Studio classes (excludes specialised classes) 
View Unruly Studio Classes
Core & Mobility
Strength & Conditioning
Strength Focus
TRX Fusion
1 Week Free Trial
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Get access to all Unruly Classes for 7 days!

Weekly Subscription

Ongoing unlimited access to Unruly Group Ex Classes

Class Pass
10 Classes for $240

Concession Card Access to Unruly Group Ex Classes

Unruly Coaches

Each member of the Unruly Team is qualified, specialised, and human. 

Get in touch with the Unruly team.

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