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Personal Training

A Personal Coach for
your Personal Goals

Needing a bit more motivation, help guiding your health and wellness, or wanting to address a personal goal? Get personal attention from an Unruly Professional. We can build you a personalised workout plan based on your goals and needs - whether it’s weight loss, injury management, or athletic performance. 

Let's Go!

First Chat

Have a personal trainer call or text you.

Chat about your goal, find out how we can help, and ask any questions you might have. When you're ready, we'll find a time for you to visit Unruly for an Initial Assessment before you jump in!

Initial Assessment

Building your training plan

Our first in-person session will provide us with an array of valuable information we use to build your training plan. We look at your past experience, injuries, discuss your options, and work with you to find the best way to get you to your goal.

This session will be booked during your chat with your personal trainer.

Personal Training

Getting you on your way

Your regular sessions are are custom built around your needs and your goals. We build on what you're already great at and work on the things that need working on. Your personal trainer is there to give you support, guide on the best way forward, and be that push you need to get it done! 

Personal Training Rates

An investment in you

  • 30-minute Personal Training Session - Starts at $60

  • 45-minute Personal Training Session - Starts at $75

Note: Price per session varies depending on the level of your Personal Trainer.  

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