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Fundraiser for Wilson School 

This Year we are teaming up with Wilson School to help them raise funds to purchase an OMIVISTA Interactive Projection System — this technology is absolutely amazing, and will bring a wide range of experience, activity, and fun to some incredible super UNRULY kids.  We are so excited to be working with Principal Neil Kefford and his staff and students on this events


Wilson School

Wilson School is a specialist school on the North Shore supporting students with a wide range of disabilities.  In addition to the classes operated out of Wilson School, there are classes at several satellite locations, totalling 17 classes. You can read more about Wilson School here:

The Event(s)

There will be two separate events happening and heaps of ways for our entire UNRULY community to get involved — this is going to be an amazing event and we hope you will all get amongst it. 

  1. The first event is a multi site team challenge involving all of the Wilson students. 

  2. The second event is an Unruly field trip to Wilson School for bootcamp or yoga classes and breakfast with the wider Wilson School Community.  

Bootcamp Breakfast.png
Yoga Breakfast.png
3 different coloured flags flying .jpg

Event A: Wilson Student Class Challenge

Thursday, June 13th

The Wilson School students, their teachers, teaching assistants and support staff will be divided into teams.  


At the same time, across all sites, each team will complete a unique challenge that is decided upon by that team.  Each team will be fundraising as part of that challenge.  These teams will be announced shortly

Unruly Crew wishing to get involved will be connected to one of these teams.  There will be an Unruly “co-captain” who will liaise with the person captaining the Wilson Team about this event


There are several ways that you can get involved with your Wilson Student Team and their Challenge:


  1. You can help your team with fundraising via direct sponsorship or by promoting their online fundraising page.

  2. You can run a parallel event — either with other Unruly people on your team or individually.  This could be a challenge or something like a morning tea at your worksite.

  3. Your team may have need for on-site volunteer support on the day.

  4. You can support your team by helping to organise prizes for the students on your teams, or helping your team get kitted-out in their team colour, or sponsoring a morning tea for your class when they complete the event.


Be creative — the only rules are that you work collaboratively and collectively with your Wilson school team and that the students completing the challenges are the stars.

Event B:  Unruly Field Trip to Wilson School 

Sunday June 16th @ 9am

We are taking an UNRULY road trip —dig out your passports and get ready to leave Hobsonville — we are heading over to Wilson School on Auckland’s sunny north shore.   

Bootcamp Breakfast.png
Yoga Breakfast.png

Choose between an outdoor bootcamp session headed up by Coach Alexander or an indoor Yoga session with Coach Mira, followed by a breads and spreads breakfast.  These classes will start at 9 am and will be appropriate for people of all fitness levels.  Classes will be open to the wider Wilson School community — parents, teacher, and support staff.  New exercise friends, lucky door prizes, raffles, and breakfast? What's not to love! 

This is a “ticketed event” — A class and breakfast costs $15 with all proceeds going to Wilson School.  


Tickets can be purchased through your gym master booking app (Menu > Memberships > Wilson School Fundraiser) or by following the links below.  Heck yes — you can invite your whānau and friends — you can either buy them a ticket or can send them the link to this page so that they can purchase their own.  The more the merrier - we have lots of space and would love lots of people and crazy big chaotic classes.  


Kid’s can attend for a koha on the day — please buy a free kid’s ticket when you book your ticket as we need to know who to expect and to have numbers so we can make sure we have enough food.

So how can you be involved?

  1. Buy a ticket and come to one of the classes

  2. Buy more than one ticket and bring someone along

  3. Share this page and help us sell tickets — the more the merrier

  4. Donate a dozen bagels or croissants - we want to minimise our costs and maximise our donation*

  5. Donate some cream cheese or jam to go on bagels*

  6. Donate some juice to help people wash down those bagels and spreads*

  7. Help with set-up and food prep on Saturday June 15th (yes the day before)

  8. Help with clean up after the event on June 16th

  9. We are looking for prizes and raffle items — please think about what you can donate and talk to people you know

  10. We need help with people management on the day  - this may be directing people to their class or pouring juice at breakfast.  

  11. We need help with selling raffle tickets

  12. We are looking for someone to help Lisa project manage this behind the scenes - communications, ticket numbers, a bagel table and a spread spreadsheet…   


**If you are donating bagels, spreads, or juice please let Lisa know in advance!!**

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